Software Engineer - Middleware

1/123A Woronora Crescent
COMO 2226 NSW, Australia
+61 4 03 93 90 77

Experienced software engineer with a track record of outstanding deliveries. I am a strong team player: I believe we can only reach and sustain the highest level of excellence by having strong bonds within a team, both in and out work. I have a passion for building fantastic software with great technologies, I am currently looking for my next challenge and hope we can achieve great products together.

Design, document, test, code
C++, Python, Java, sql
boost, c++ stl, git, gdb

Unit, non-regression, integration
Google tests, Test Tool Server

Tooling & automation
Systematic peer reviewing
Build, test, release management

Information Security
OpenId, SAML
Hardening projects
Code auditing, Best practices

System & Infrastructure
Linux (RHEL, Fedora, Ubuntu)
OpenShift, Docker, AWS EC2
Couchbase, Oracle, ELK

English, French - fluent
Greek - Fluently spoken

Feb 2012
GFI contractor for Amadeus Nice
Feb 2013
Amadeus Nice, France
Oct 2014
Amadeus Sydney, Australia

Software development
High availability, mission critical applications

  • Strong focus on quality control, stability & reliability.
  • Designed for failure.
  • Any failure may have a huge impact:
    flight delays, cancellations, bookings lost.
    Strict SLAs to respect.
  • Regular oncall duties.

Technical leadership

  • Successfully mentored newcomers and peers.
  • Presentations to stakeholders.
  • Assist local teams through strong Amadeus's framework and tooling knowledge.

Authentication Backend
C++ authentication server using Amadeus's Transaction Framework
15 000 transactions per seconds

  • Successfully developed new authentication protocols.
    In close collaboration with third parties.
    Single sign-on using OpenID, SAML.
  • Suggested, designed, implemented security improvements and hardening.
  • Implemented & improved circuit breakers:
    Automatic fallback for failing dependencies.
    (e.g. Oracle, external provider)
  • Largely contributed to existing Amadeus tooling used by thousand of developers worldwide.

Enterprise Service Bus
400 000 transactions per seconds, multiple protocols

  • Session management hardening.
  • Low-level payment protocol (iso 8583).
2010 - 2011
MSc Computational and Software Techniques in Engineering
Cranfield University, United Kingdom.

2006 - 2011
MSc Information Systems Architecture
INSA of Rouen (National Institute of Applied Sciences), France.

Managing small scale game servers
Up to 10 players

  • AWS EC2 & S3.
  • Linux (Fedora, Ubuntu).
  • Docker
  • Scripting & automation.

Home computing
Server, desktop and laptops

  • All PCs under Linux (Fedora).
  • Web hosting.
  • Windows Gaming VMs using VFIO
    (GPU passthrough).

Coding contests

  • Google code jam 1st Round 1100/10000.
  • Codinggame.com

Harmony - boardgame

  • Created and designed boardgame.
  • Implemented computer version.